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SIRE Investor Relations Contact Information
Phone:           712-352-5009 OR Voicemail Box 877-776-5999
Address:        10868 189th Street 
                     Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Unit Transfer Information
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Andy Gudajtes
Ag Stock Specialist
FNC Ag Stock

Nick Watson
Ag Stock Specialist
FNC Ag Stock


Investments concentrated in a particular sector are subject to increased risks compared to an investment which is more diversified. Each investor should consider the risks described in the offering document or prospectus for the company before investing.
FNC Ag Stock, LLC charges the seller a fee of ?3% of the total selling price or a minimum fee of $250 per transaction. 

Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy LLC 8-K, 12-14-18 - Click Here
SIRE's SEC forms are available for viewing on the SEC's website-View                                                           
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Committee Charters
Audit Committee Charter -
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